August 10, 2022.

Here is an example of
what we do. We need
only a few images to
create a new boatcover.



Lasse Gjessing


Seilmaker Lasse Gjessing

Kokleheia 61

4630 Kristiansand S


Phone: +47 45610220


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To send us your photos, Press the link under this text. choose "mottaker" Lorentzen & Lorentsen.


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Your canopy supplier

Need a new boat canopy for your boat? We make boat canopys for all boats, regardless of geographic location.

We can do this because we base ourselves on a completely new and proprietary technology. This method is patented and is making the hood templates, using only digital images. This is a more cost effective and accurate way to produce.

The boat owner himself takes the pictures we need to create the new canopy. It is generally so that to create a canopy with the exact fit, it must be measured and tested several times. This takes time and increases costs. We streamline this process while we are geographically independent of the boat owner.
On our website, it is laid out a simple description and examples of how this should be done.

To make it easy to send us your digital photos there is an upload page available, this requires a registration and a loggin. This need not be used, but it will facilitate our work.


For prices, orders, delivery times, etc. Please contact us.