September 19, 2021.

Here is an example of
what we do. We need
only a few images to
create a new boatcover.



Lasse Gjessing


Seilmaker Lasse Gjessing

Kokleheia 61

4630 Kristiansand S


Phone: +47 45610220


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Sende bilder

To send us your photos, Press the link under this text. choose "mottaker" Lorentzen & Lorentsen.


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Questions & Answers

If the images in any way is not good enough, will the canopy misfitt?

No. We can either see it right away that some or all of the pictures has to be taken over, or we will find out when we start to model the canopy template.


Must the pictures be of a particular format?

We prefer JPEG / JPG format, this reduces the workload for us. Most digital cameras provide this format. The images must be greater than 5 Megapixels.


Can I send pictures as attachments in an e-mail?

This can be done. We prefer that this then is agreed in advance. There is often a lot of data to be transmitted, and we do not want the volume of data in our E-mail server. The images can also be burned onto a CD and sent, otherwice should our website for sending images used.


Can you come and take the pictures?

This requires then that the boat is located in Kristiandsand area.