December 3, 2021.

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Lasse Gjessing


Seilmaker Lasse Gjessing

Kokleheia 61

4630 Kristiansand S


Phone: +47 45610220


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Sail maker Lasse Gjessing has worked as a sailmaker since 1978, both at established sailmakers, and as self-employed. boat canopys, sails and shape-made structures have been the main production. Having experienced an increase in canopy market, especially on boats with no original canopy, there was a need for a simpler and more efficient way to create the templates.

This resulted in a solution in which computer technology was used. We developed a method for making the hood templates, based on digital images. Using four to five digital images is now possible to create a template that is completely accurate and contains all necessary information.

We have worked with boat canopy templates based on digital images for several years. We now offer boat owners, regardless of geographic location, a solution where they take pictures. These are submitted as the basis for the template, and for the production of a new boat canopy.

This procedure provides optimal fit, and faster delivery.