December 3, 2021.

Here is an example of
what we do. We need
only a few images to
create a new boatcover.



Lasse Gjessing


Seilmaker Lasse Gjessing

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Sende bilder

To send us your photos, Press the link under this text. choose "mottaker" Lorentzen & Lorentsen.


Send photos

Rules for photography.

  1. Always use a benchmark. A rod of known length. This rod should be about 2 meters, to ensure the highest possible precision. The rod is placed across the boat, and must be visible on all images. The rod must not cover the details that are of interest to the modeling of the canopy and must remain perfectly still during the photo shoot. If the rod would move just a millimeter, one must take all the pictures again. Attache the pole with feks tape. One should also take a control measurement, usually between two parties on the boats cover. This is to compare the same distance in the 3d model.

  2. Photoshoot the boat first with the old hood to get the placement of windows, zippers and the like. Then take the canopy off, and the hoops are tied up with the same distance as with the old cover. Feel free to use a thin rope or a flag line from the center of the windshield in front and at the center of each bracket backward. to tie the rope exactly in the middle of the brackets is not important.

  3. All photographs must be taken with the same picture size and quality. Full angle ie not zoom. Auto setting on the aperture and the focus is often the best. If manual setting of aperture is required, it is better with a little too dark than too light images.

  4. The pictures will be taken from at least four angles, and from so high obove that the camera is pointed down toward the roof, or hoops to the cover, with an angle of between 30 and 60 degrees. Use a stepladder to stand on to reach high enough. The pictures should be taken so you can see three sides at once: ie 2 sides + roof. Take lots of pictures and then select those that are appropriate to send.

  5. Look at the pictures below, it is an example of how it can be done.